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The Key Nutrition Podcast

Sep 19, 2023

In this episode of the Key Nutrition Podcast, I explore the world of health and wellness, delving into what's overrated and underrated in the industry. I critically examine the buzz surrounding fish oil supplements, explore the effectiveness of kettlebells in fitness routines, evaluate the muscle-building claims of creatine, and uncover the true benefits of yoga. Surprisingly, even the beloved fast-food chain, Chipotle, comes under scrutiny as I assess its impact on health. Additionally, for those intrigued by the unconventional, we delve into the world of pimple popping, discussing its peculiar fascination and potential health merits. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or on a quest for improved wellness, this episode provides intriguing insights into various aspects of health. Tune in for the unvarnished truth on these topics and more!


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